08 January, 2019 in Industry News

InvestNI - Resource Efficiency Grant Applications Open

The InvestNI Resource Efficiency Grant is open for applications until 21 January 2019.

This grant allows eligible companies to purchase equipment that helps on material use in their product or process.  (Note: Labour and energy savings will not be considered under this grant)

The application process opened 20th December and will remain open until 3pm Monday 21st January 2019. 

Some key information relating to the grant:

  • Maximum grant will not exceed 40% of project costs up to a maximum of £40,000
  • Funding must be fully claimed by 30th August 2019.  Expenditure incurred prior to the letter of offer will not be eligible for support.
  • Eligible costs are the capital costs directly associated with the third party design, purchase, delivery, installation and commissioning of material or water saving processes or equipment including equipment to eliminate, recover, re-use or recycle waste materials that are generated on a company site.
  • Second-hand equipment is eligible to support subject to certain documentation being provided
  • Applicants will be required to assess and state the level of energy savings as well as the likely water/material and/or waste savings in the application form.  Please note that if the energy savings are greater that the water/materials savings the application will not be eligible.
  • Three tenders are required to be obtained for eligible expenditure and these must be dated or valid after 31 January 2019.

Applications must be made from active InvestNI customer companies. Anyone interested should contact their Client Executive (028 90 698868 or ere@investni.com) for the application pack and also to register interest as the Client Executive will be required to approve any Letter of Offer.

A large number of applicants are expected for this call, and as this is a competitive process an application does not guarantee a grant.  InvestNI hope to be able to inform clients if they have been successful or not in early February. 

All information is contained within the guidance notes in the application form.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your CavanaghKelly client manager in the first instance.

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