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Forensic Accounting

In today’s society, litigation is becoming much more frequent, often involving highly complex issues and assertions on both sides.

Whatever the legal challenge, our Forensic Accounting team approach it with a throuogh and independent viewpoint, allowing identification and assessment of the key issues, ensuring all the appropriate and relevant information is gathered to support the case throughout.

Reputation is important: ours and our clients.  We work closely with solicitors, barristers and other professionals throughout our engagement to deliver a value for money service, capable of withstanding courtroom scrutiny.

Our Expert Witness are competent and effective in presenting our assessments.  In a pressurised Courtroom enviornment, you can rely on our team to challenge and be challenged, ensuring our clients acheive a fair result.

We offer a comprehensive range of Forensic Accounting services so whatever your need may be, we are confident we can help you achieve the outcome you deserve.

Assessment of financial loss in personal injury and fatal accident claims

Consequential Loss, breach of contract and contractual dispute matters

Matrimonial disputes

Share and business valuations

Business, partnership and shareholder dispute resoltuion

Investigation of financial irregularities

Opinion in Audit, Tax and VAT negligence claims


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