About us

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a local firm, our people are local to our clients and communities and it is important for us all that CavanaghKelly operates as a socially responsible practice. 

We have a great team in CavanaghKelly who not only provide dedicated mentoring and work experience opportunities to the wider community but also activley sacrifice their own free time, money and effort in various community initiatives that they are passionate about.

We also recognise the impact that our working practices can have on our environment and are investing heavily in our IT functions to improve efficiencies and decrease our Carbon Footprint.


CavanaghKelly continues to donate to a number of local charities and organisations, particularly those that our staff are involved with.


CavanaghKelly are proud to be involved with a number of local sporting groups, charities and networks, helping us to stay involved with and support our local communities.  We also work closely with local schools, colleges and universities.