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Our market-leading R&D team

Research and Development (R&D) or innovation occurs in almost every business, it helps organisations to adapt to meet everchanging changing customer needs, while allowing it to evolve and futureproof for generations to come.

R&D tax relief is an incentive scheme run by the UK Government to encourage small and medium sized businesses to invest in developing new products, processes or services or further developing existing ones.

The tax relief can provide organisations with up to 33p for every £1 spent of qualifying costs within two years from the end of the business’ year end.

How can CavanaghKelly help?

Our team of R&D specialists can help ensure your businesses is receiving all the financial support it is entitled to. We also help clients to develop R&D strategies that provide them with a plan to achieve their business objectives while boosting R&D activities.

Many businesses think they are not eligible to claim for R&D. However, our growing R&D team work with businesses in Northern Ireland, Ireland and the UK across all sectors to identify projects that are eligible for R&D tax relief.