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How can CavanaghKelly help?

We have the knowledge and experience to provide Community and Public Sector organisations with tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Our approach is based on co-production and knowledge sharing and we work closely with our clients across  all aspects of their work including helping to establish the need for the project, conducting community consultations and engagement, assisting with sourcing funding, and project implementation, evaluation and review.

Appraisals and Planning

We can support you by:

  • Carrying out economic appraisals and outline business cases in accordance with relevant guidance for Public Sector projects. Our experience includes coastal walkways, outdoor recreation facilities, sporting facilities and community hubs.
  • Conducting feasibility studies. We have assisted local councils and community organisations with the purchase and development of a vacant town centre site and the viability of affordable credit schemes.
  • Carrying out business planning and strategic planning for Community and Public Sector organisations.

Evaluations and Reviews

We can support you with:

  • Organisational reviews. Our previous projects have led to recommendations to strengthen governance, define staff roles, and improve overall efficiency of the organisation’s operations.
  • Carrying out project evaluations to determine how project outcomes have compared to the initial objectives. We have recently evaluated grant funded projects.
  • Conducting mapping exercises for organisations in the Community and Public Sectors. We have experience mapping health services and apprenticeship opportunities in particular geographical areas.

Supporting Individuals

We can support your team by:

  • Coaching individuals and providing training and development to assist individuals in the Community and Public Sectors to reach their full potential.
  • Facilitating workshops to enable groups to think collaboratively and progress towards their goals and objectives.

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