Services / Tax

Estate Planning & Wealth Management

Our tax planning specialists are focused on helping to meet your family wealth succession goals.

We consider your personal and business interests, covering areas such as:

  • the structure of your assets;
  • your retirement plans;
  • your lifestyle and
  • the needs of your family.

Our focus is preserving your wealth for future generations.

Inheritance Tax (IHT)

Once considered a tax on the truly wealthy, Inheritance Tax (IHT) now affects more families than ever before.

It can come as a shock to clients to discover that a significant proportion of your wealth, which includes all of your assets might actually have to be sold in order to meet an IHT liability on death.

With planning and expert guidance, you can add some certainty to your family’s financial future.

Having a will and undertaking IHT planning allows you to have control over who benefits from your accumulated wealth and how much IHT will arise in the event of your death. It can also allow you to ensure that loved ones are not left with administrative difficulties and have to pay unexpected tax bills.

Effective Wealth Management

We tailor our bespoke service to fit each clients’ needs. Our approach is to remain entirely focused on helping you to meet your goals. Every family has different needs and with our in-depth knowledge of tax efficient solutions, we help our clients achieve the right balance between living comfortably now and leaving a lasting legacy for the future.

Where clients have existing advisers, we will work in partnership with them. Where legal advice is required in respect of certain issues such as wills we have our own in-house legal team to assist you as required.