18 December, 2020 in Industry News

Thinking of closing your solvent business? Act now to ensure you do so as tax efficiently as possible!

The recent changes to Entrepreneur’s Relief together with a recent review of capital gains tax by the Office of Tax Simplification (which may result in capital gains tax rates doubling) could see those wishing to close their solvent business bringing their exit plans forward to ’lock-in’ more favourable current tax rates.

A Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL) is a tax efficient vehicle that can be used by solvent companies seeking to close the business for reasons such as retirement, the business has run its course, shareholders seeking to extract their investment, restructuring or extracting cash after the sale of assets. 

Distributions made to shareholders in MVLs are normally distributions of capital rather than income. 

CGT is typically levied at 10% and 20% for disposals and in many cases shareholders in an MVL will qualify for the lower 10% under Business Asset Disposal Relief.  However, reports suggest that this 10%-20% rate could be doubled in line with income tax.  It is expected that the changes will be announced in the March 2021 Budget and come into effect in April 2021 and as such, many businesses wishing to close down may now want to bring their exit plans forward to avail of the current more favourable rates.

Should you wish to make use of the MVL procedure, please do not hesitate to contact Michael Drumm or Janette Burns for more information.

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