06 December, 2017 in Company News

Are you digitally engaged?

Digital change is happening everywhere. The challenge for many companies is how to engage with customers and clients in a way that continues to deliver value.

At CavanaghKelly, the challenge is no different.  

We are committed to continually reviewing our processes to ensure we are maximising new opportunities in how we deliver our services.   As part of this commitment, we are delighted to announce the first of a series of digital engagement initiatives.

We are introducing IRIS OpenSpace, an industry leading platform which offers an encrypted and secure way of sharing information and to get approval electronically.  It will allow our Account Managers to work closer and more intuitively with you, our clients.

What will you be able to do?

As a CavanaghKelly client, by participating in this initiative, you will log into a portal (effectively a secure personal account with CavanaghKelly) to:

  • securely access your documents and files including tax returns, accounts and supporting schedules when these are ready for you to approve
  • upload your tax return information, reducing time and paper
  • approve your documents digitally which will then be filed by us with HMRC; the signing protocol ensures that all approvals are legally binding and therefore equivalent to any ink signature.

How can you get involved?

Contact your CavanaghKelly Account Manager to let them know you want to get involved or equally email us to register your interest. 

You will then be issued a Consent Form to sign and return to confirm your participation, along with further information on the next steps.


We hope you take this opportunity to digitally engage with us and look forward to providing this service along with additional offerings throughout 2018.


Interested in finding out more? Contact:

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